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Top 8 Best subwoofer under $300 to buy in 2023

IntroductionBest subwoofer under $300

So, what you can get in a price range of less than $300 in a subwoofer, all is described here. These all subwoofers offer a bunch of premium features for best subwoofer under $300. Therefore, they are nearly inexpensive premium subwoofers.

The features like phase reversal, auto-signals sensing, and tunable crossover are expected to be found in this price range. However, the design and build quality of these models set them apart from the competition.

Listed below subs varies in terms of driver’s size, they are from 8 inches to a 15 inches driver. Moreover, their weight ranges from 20 to 45 pounds.

Best value to money: The BIC America F12 is by far the best value to money subwoofer under $300 from the list we compiled based on exhaustive research. 

Best cost efficient: The Polkaudio PSW10 subwoofer is the most cost-effective subwoofer under $300, you can buy this sub even  at price below $150.

Best high output option: The BIC Acoustech PL-200 II from has a dynamic peak of 1000 watts, so it's the best option when it comes to high output.

Best compact subwoofer: Kanto's SUB8 offers you the lightest weight (17.5 pounds), together with a stylish design, which makes it an ideal subwoofer under $300.

We recommend the BIC America F12 if you are looking for the best value for your money subwoofer. The Polkaudio PSW10 would be your possible option if you are trying to find an affordable yet high-quality subwoofer. Both of these subwoofers perform well in many circumstances.

Product Name Details Price
Polk Audio PSW111 Polk Audio PSW111
Driver size: 8″
Weight: 21 lbs.
Direction: Downward-firing
Frequency: 38 – 250 Hz
RMS: 300 Watts

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BIC America F12 BIC America F12
Driver size: 12″
Weight: 40.3 lbs.
Direction: Front-firing
Frequency: 25 – 200 Hz
RMS: 475 Watts

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BIC Acoustech PL 200 ll BIC Acoustech PL-200 II
Driver size: 12″
Weight: 42.9 lbs.
Direction: Front-firing
Frequency: 22 – 200 Hz
RMS: 1000 Watts

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Klipsch R-12SW Klipsch R-12SW
Driver size: 12″
Weight: 33 lbs.
Direction: Rear-firing
Frequency: 29 – 120 Hz
RMS: 400 Watts

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Polkaudio PSW10 Polk Audio PSW10
Driver size: 10″
Weight: 26 lbs.
Direction: Front-firing
Frequency: 40 – 160 Hz
RMS: 100 Watts

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Dayton Audio SUB-1500 Dayton Audio SUB-1500
Driver size: 15″
Weight: 60 lbs.
Direction: Downward-firing
Frequency: 23 – 140 Hz
RMS: 150 Watts

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Kanto SUB8 Kanto SUB8
Driver size: 8″
Weight: 17.5 lbs.
Direction: Front-firing
Frequency: 35 – 175 Hz
RMS: 250 Watts

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Klipsch R-10SW Klipsch Reference R-10SW
Driver size: 10″
Weight: 25.5 lbs.
Direction: Front-firing
Frequency: 32 – 120 Hz
RMS: 300 Watts

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1- Polk Audio PSW111

Polk Audio PSW111 boasts an 8-inch dynamic balance woofer in addition to tuned downward-firing ports and a precise speaker geometry for an accurate bass sound. 

This sub has a minimal output power of 150 watts amplifier which can go upto 300 watts at dynamic peak. A frequency response of 38 to 250Hz. It can give a more thrilling and balanced music experience even at low frequencies. Courtesy to its smart compression circuitry which limits distortions.

Its design and build quality make it even more special. It is as compact as it only takes one square foot of the space to place it on the floor. A sleek detachable grill on the front makes its design even more complete.

This subwoofer can easily and perfectly be synced with your existing Polk speakers so that you can upgrade your existing home theater with ease and no extra connections needed.

It uses Klippel distortion analyzer, through which the engineers of Polk were able to optimize the woofer’s motor structure, suspension and voice coil alignment which brings the best possible performance at extreme listening levels.

Along with LFE (Low-Frequency Effect) inputs, and phase toggle switch. Its volume buttons are also at its backside, which is not very great if you are placing your subwoofer with the wall. As you will have to displace every time whenever you want to increase or decrease the bass/volume.
Polk Audio PSW111 users frequently encounter performance issues like buzzing, stuttering, and humming at extreme levels. This sub’s warranty period is 5 years, but many users have reported issues with warranty claims since Polk only provides a warranty policy for their official website customers. Polk audio products purchased on Amazon are subject to Amazon’s refund policy only.

Best subwoofer under 300 - prod 1
Polkaudio PSW111
▲ Pros
✓ A good-looking sleek design at the front
✓ Can easily be synced with the existing system
✓ Limits distortion
✓ Compact in size. Can take only a square foot of space
✓ Can go upto 300 watts
▼ Cons
✗ The controls are at its backside
✗ Humming at extreme level
✗ Warranty claim issues

2- BIC America F12

Well, this one (BIC America F12) is a heavyweight in this price range, both in terms of appearance and specifications. It delivers 150 watts RMS (up to 475-watts at peak power). An output capability of 90dB continuous and up to 116dB (which is actually very high). 

The automatic signal sensors and 90-decibel sensitivity provide a strong, immersive sound experience no matter what are you watching and listening to. It offers a 25 to 200 Hz range of frequency which reproduces accurate low-end sounds. It is also electricity efficient with its 8 ohms impedance.

BIC America F12 has a 12-inch front-firing driver using bash technology which brings a bass sound that is amazingly smooth, accurate and dynamic. Their patented vent “venturi” eliminates port noise during complex processing of audio and video tracks resulting in an exceptional crystal clear sound output. It effectively cancels the noise clutter that is common in other types of subwoofers.

The adjustable crossover in volume control helps you tweak the sound output to suit your listening preferences whatever you are watching, be sure that the audio is just excellent. The Dolby digital DTS technology and Dolby pro logic guarantee high-quality inputs and ease of connectivity to almost all kinds of devices.

However, its 12-inch driver and weight of above 40 pounds make it look more bulky and big in size, but its black laminate finish makes it look more minimalist and attractive.

Despite the performance of this subwoofer is really great, but some users find its fuse blown within 6 to 12 months of purchasing the sub. No worries there either, BIC offers a comprehensive 1 to 5 years parts warranty, so one can easily obtain a part or full replacement from the company.

Best subwoofer under 300 - prod 2
BIC America F12
▲ Pros
✓ Easily adjustable crossover and volume
✓ Noise reduction through magnetic shielding
✓ Excellent value for the money
✓ Phase switch
▼ Cons
✗ Look more bulky
✗ May vibrate at very high volumes
✗ Can get quite hot

3- BIC Acoustech PL-200 II

The BIC Acoustech PL-200 ll is designed to fill the big rooms with its high bass and volume. It comes with a 12-inch front-firing long throw driver along with high quality BASH amplifier. 

Delivering a 250 watts RMS continuous and up to 1000-watts dynamic peak output, providing 110dB sensitivity rating (which is actually very high) and can heavily filled up a small size room (can be more suitable for larger spaces though). Providing a frequency response of 22 to 200Hz makes your movies experience even more better.

This sub performs much better with movies and high-quality sounds but cannot be much suitable for low-quality MP3 songs. It can produce a little bit of port noise at some moments but not so frequently, one can easily bear with that.

Its backside offers volume and crossover controls along with gold plated terminals. You can perfectly sync this sub with other speakers that enhance your bass for a better experience, you can totally control the bass according to your taste.

The built quality of this sub is also very high as it comes with a 12 inches injection-molded driver behind its removable fabric grill and two front flared ports to minimize noise and turbulence. The shiny hand-rubbed lacquer finish makes it stand out in its most of the competitors.

Its weight of above 42 pounds and big size does not make it compact and not gives you much flexibility to place it at your desired place, you’ll have to bear with that. Overall this sub is a great choice for a larger room than usual.

Best subwoofer under 300 - prod 3
BIC Acoustech PL 200 ll
▲ Pros
✓ Equipped with dual front-facing ports
✓ Stylish and durable construction
✓ 1000 watts dynamic peak
✓ Offer higher specs in price less then $300
▼ Cons
✗ A little rattling at high volumes
✗ A little rattling at high volumes

4- Klipsch R-12SW

The Klipsch R-12SW comes with a 12 inches copper-spun front-firing woofer, having all-digital amplifier delivers 200 watts RMS up to 400 watts of power. Having frequency response of 29 Hz to 120 Hz and a sensitivity rating of 116dB, this sub can add robust impact to your movies and music experience.

The design of Klipsch R-12SW is so stunning that it has a beautiful 12-inch spun-copper driver along with a medium density fiberwood brushed black cabinet with a refined look. The satin-painted stands make it look even more stylish. The removable fabric grille at the front gives this subwoofer even more luxurious look.

This subwoofer comes with three controls, level control, phase control and low pass crossover. The level control controls the volume of the sub along with other connected devices. Phase control matches the audio system with the sub’s output. Using low pass crossover, you can adjust the frequency range from 40 Hz to 120 Hz.

This sub also comes with a rear-firing port which enhances its bass capability and efficiency.

With LFE and stereo input, you can connect your Klipsch R-12SW with the amplifier or receiver. With the auto power ON/OFF feature, it can intelligently sense audio signals and turns on when there is any. It also has a feature of standby, it works when there is no audio signal and can turn the sub off after 15 to 20 minutes of a wait when there is no signal. The LED on the front indicates whether the sub is on or not.

Best subwoofer under 300 - prod 4
Klipsch R-12SW
▲ Pros
✓ Offer higher sensitivity rating
✓ Auto ON/OFF
✓ Three types of controls
✓ Near to no distortion
✓ Stylish design
▼ Cons
✗ Compared to other subs, it is heavier and bigger
✗ Lacks a great deal of features at this price

5- Polk Audio PSW10

With 14.5 inches height and 26 pounds of weight, Polk audio PSW10 is the most compact subwoofer in this price range. This little thing comes with a 10-inch dynamic balance woofer and a directed port configured to provide accurate bass and depth that makes movies and music experience much beautiful.

Despite the fact that the Polk audio PSW10 comes with only 50 watts of continuous RMS and 100 watts of dynamic power, the sound of this sub is fairly enough for a small room. Comes with a frequency response of 40 to 160 Hz (-3dB). The Klippel distortion analyzer limits the port noise and gives you a completely noise-free experience even at high volume.

The Polk audio PSW10 offers more of a minimalist and a solid look when it comes to appearance. Comes with two finishes; black or cherry colored vinyl, the front face of the sub is metallic silver which can also be covered with the black fabric grille that comes with the unit.

The controls of the PSW10 including volume, low pass, power ON/OFF, phase switch and input/output connections all are located at the back of the unit. With auto power ON/OFF, the sub can be automatically turned off after not being used for 15 minutes to save power. However, the sub does not have LFE input, but it can be easily bypassed using a good receiver.

Best subwoofer under 300 - prod 5
Polkaudio PSW10
▲ Pros
✓ Better sound in cheap price
✓ Easy to setup
✓ Compact
✓ Limits distortion
✓ Minimalist and solid look
▼ Cons
✗ Lacks LFE
✗ Too small for large rooms

6- Dayton Audio SUB-1500

With 15 inches long-throw driver, 19.3 inches box height and 60 pounds of weight, this subwoofer is a giant on the list, compared to Polk Audio PSW10 on the list, this sub is almost thrice in terms of weight and appearance. With its 15 inches heavy-duty driver, this sub can shake your place with its bass.

The Dayton Audio SUB-1500 comes with a downward-firing port so the sound travels directly towards you and reduces port noise, which may provide you a mesmerizing experience.

This subwoofer features 150 watts dynamic power/RMS and 23 to 140 HZ frequency response that may vary continuously between 40 to 140 Hz at 12 dB using crossover frequency controller.

There are different control options available as well including volume, crossover controller, phase switch, auto power ON/OFF and RCA line-level inputs. You can easily integrate this sub with any other existing system.

The design of Dayton Audio SUB-1500 is a plus point for this sub. This sub comes with rounded corners ported box with a great looking black vinyl finish and a removable fabric grille. Although this sub is a bit too bulky but its minimalist and modern design might attract your attention towards it.

The sound quality of this sub is as giant as its looks are. This sub might give you pretty deep bass with distortion-free sound courtesy to its 15 inches long-throw driver and downward-firing port. Hence you can have a wonderful experience watching movies and listening to music. This sub is more suitable for larger rooms instead of smalls because of its high power and bigger size.

Best subwoofer under 300 - prod 6
Dayton Audio SUB-1500
▲ Pros
✓ Deliver accurate bass
✓ Perfect for larger size rooms
✓ Distortion free sound
✓ Easy integration with existing system
✓ Black vinyl finished modern design with fabric grille
▼ Cons
✗ Too heavy (60 lbs.)
✗ Cabinet material is not so durable

7- Kanto SUB8

Another compact subwoofer on the list is Kanto’s SUB8. This little guy comes with a 8-inch front-firing paper cone driver along with a class D amplifier pumping out 125 Watts RMS and 250 Watts of dynamic power, producing powerful bass.

With providing a frequency response of 35 Hz to 175 Hz, 86 dB Sensitivity rating, 250 Watts dynamic power, 40 Hz to 120 Hz Low-Pass Filter and a powerful amplifier, this sub can give you a good sound experience.

The cabinet of Kanto SUB8 is just 11 inches tall and 11 inches wide, the weight of this sub is just 17.5 pounds. This makes this subwoofer the most compact one on the list. The cabinet is designed in a way that it reduces undesired resonance and reverberation. Gives you a crystal clear sound. The box of this sub is made minimalist, comes in two colors,Matte Black and Matte white. It also features solid rubber feet and a protective grille to keep the driver dust-free which also enhances the overall look of the sub.

The integration of Kanto sub8 with the existing system is pretty simple using precision crossover filter and phase switch as this sub is designed to blend with the existing systems. Comes with various controls, located at the back of the sub includes volume, crossover frequency controls, phase switch, L/R line-level inputs and stand-by mode.

This sub may look small but it can yet give you an excellent quality sound enough for a small to medium size room.

Best subwoofer under 300 - prod 7
Kanto SUB8
▲ Pros
✓ The amplifier provides good performance and is fairly powerful
✓ Comes in a wide variety of colors
✓ compact cabinet
✓ It provides a wide range of room acoustic controls.
▼ Cons
✗ Price too high for the specs
✗ At higher volumes, it can sound a bit tubby

8- Klipsch Reference R-10SW

Just another remarkable product of Klipsch on the list is Klipsch R-10SW, this subwoofer was essentially designed to provide deep and detailed bass, with its 10 inches powerful injection-molded copper-spun front-firing woofer, this can deliver immersive sound with music and movies.

This subwoofer comes with an all-digital amplifier of 150 Watts with a maximum output of 300 Watts, a frequency response of 32 to 120 Hz, a sensitivity rating of 112 dB and 8 ohms of impedance, these all things combined make the sound experience very well balanced and distortion-free.

Having various controls on the back including line-level and low-frequency inputs, this subwoofer can easily be integrated with various receivers, home theaters and stereo systems. This sub also has volume controls, phase switch and auto ON/OFF feature. The sub can automatically turn off if there is no audio signal for 15 to 20 minutes. The little LED indicator at the front tells you that your gadget is currently in an ON or OFF state. This sub can also work wirelessly.

The box of Klipsch R-10SW is made up of black painted brushed polymer veneer. The injection-molded copper spun driver makes it look more elegant and stands out from the competition. Having the Klipsch logo at its forehead increases the brand identity of the sub. This sub has a weight of 25.5 pounds thus you can place it in your desired place to enhance your audio setup.

Best subwoofer under 300 - prod 8
Klipsch R-10SW
▲ Pros
✓ Distortion free sound
✓ Can easily be integrated with various receivers
✓ A mid sized yet powerful subwoofer
✓ A mid sized yet powerful subwoofer
✓ Wireless
▼ Cons
✗ Connectivity Problems might occur in some circumstances


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