How to Fix a Blown subwoofer

How to Fix a Blown Subwoofer | Subwoofer Cone Repair

A subwoofer is a specialized woofer. Without subwoofers, our sound system would not be complete. It is possible to damage the cones of our subwoofers when we clean, fix, drop, or perhaps something external happens, as well as damage to the voice coil when it is overpowered. The subwoofer is damaged and does not work properly. 

People tend to repair their subwoofer cone and voice coil at home because they want to save money or are on a tight budget. However, they are unable to repair the subwoofer. They do not know the tool requirements and necessary knowledge. The following is a step-by-step guide on how to fix a blown subwoofer. Let’s get started.

Cone repair of Blown Subwoofer

You accidentally cut a hole in the cone of the subwoofer with your screwdriver or drill because you were in a hurry. This has happened to many people. The cone can be repaired in two ways. Both methods will help you repair the cone of your subwoofer.

Repair the cone with Patch

Required Equipment:
  1. Subwoofer Cone Sheet
  2. Glue (E6000)
  3. Scissors
  4. Hairdryer
Steps to Follow

Step 1: Turn the subwoofer over and measure the hole in order to determine how long the patch needs to be.

How to fix a blown subwoofer - Repair cone - step1

Step 2: Having measured the patch, cut it into two pieces with scissors.

Repair cone - step2

Step 3: Having measured the patch, cut it into two pieces with scissors. Next, apply glue to the patch area and the cracks to fill up the subwoofer.

Repair cone - step3

Step 4: After you have cut the piece from the sheet, glue it to the piece. Be sure to glue the entire piece to the sheet, including all corners.

Repair cone - step4

Step 5: You will need to put some weight on the piece once it is placed over the hole. 

Repair cone - step5

Step 6: Place the cone sheet on the upward side of the hole and use a dryer to dry the glue.

Repair cone - step6

You can now play your music and listen to your subwoofer. You may find this video helpful if you have trouble following or understanding these steps.

Replace the cone of the Blown Subwoofer

Required Equipment
  1. Screwdriver
  2. Allen Key
  3. Razor Blade
  4. Battery (To check that the subwoofer is blown or not)
  5. Speaker Repair kit
  6. Glue (E6000)
  7. Hair dryer
  8. Lacquer Thinner
  9. Rag
Steps to Follow

Step 1: First of all, make sure that the subwoofer has not blown before you repair it. Connect the positive and negative terminals of the battery.

How to fix a blown subwoofer - Replace cone - step1

Subwoofers that move upward have not blown.

Replace cone - step1a

Step 2: Using a hairdryer, heat the cone for five minutes and then carefully remove it with a screwdriver.

Replace cone - step2

Step 3: Then, use a razor blade to remove any rough surface on the edges and in the middle. You need to be careful when doing this. 

Replace cone - step3

Step 4: After cleaning use the Lacquer Thinner to wipe the edges.

Replace cone - step4

Step 5: Then use a blade and Lacquer Thinner to clean the cone’s top plate from the bottom side.

How to fix a blown subwoofer - Replace cone - step5

Step 6: Apply glue very carefully to the edges of the cone after you’ve completed all these steps.

How to fix a blown subwoofer - Replace cone - step6

Step 7: Lastly, place the foam onto the outside of the comb and push it in with your hands. After 10 minutes of contact, the foam and cone will dry in one hour.

How to fix a blown subwoofer - Replace cone - step7

Step 8: Next, put glue along the upper cone’s edges and also in the middle.

How to fix a blown subwoofer - Replace cone - step8

Step 9: Now, You should place upper plate on the cone, and press down the edges and center together. Ensure that you seat it correctly.

How to fix a blown subwoofer - Replace cone - step9

Now, you can listen to your subwoofer while playing your music. Please watch this video if you don’t understand these steps or find them difficult to follow.

Also, read our step-to-step guide on how to repair subwoofer voice coil.


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